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  • To be a space in which to disseminate news, complaints and in general material of interest in reference to the topics of: abortion, euthanasia, gender ideology, immigration, hunger, child slavery, human trafficking and many other topics of global interest (psychology , technology, education, among others). These publications will be created collaboratively by all members of the SLS community, with the intention of promoting them in all possible spaces, using means and training tools, current and with a high level of interaction. 


  • Function as a technological and pedagogical training school to provide increasingly didactic and interactive educational materials (Learning Objects). These materials are framed within an instructional design model, facilitating learners in creating educational resources that are efficient, innovative, reusable, and aligned with international training standards. This aims to practically and freely disseminate new educational technologies and create knowledge multipliers on high-impact educational, political, social, and cultural topics. 


  • Act as a repository for pedagogical solutions and evolve into an entity capable of developing small, medium, and high-scope social, pedagogical, and technological projects. All this includes collaboration with non-profit institutions, NGOs, foundations, organizations, or any entity that advocates for the defense of life, the institution of the family as the basis of our society, and the respect, value, and dignity of the weakest and most needy on our planet. 


Collaborate in solidarity in creating and promoting social and educational content. We specialize in developing dynamic and interactive pedagogical solutions supported by rigorous quality standards and technological innovation. Our goal is to effectively transmit and disseminate, with an elevated level of excellence, social awareness around the significant issues impacting our society. 


We envision a world where everyone is both teacher and student, united by the joy of learning and sharing knowledge. Driven by our fervent passion for education and an innate instinct for innovation, our mission is to bring pedagogical inspiration to every good-hearted person. We aspire to turn solidarity and education into a daily habit, empowering people to win battles in various spheres of our planet. Our ongoing commitment to educational excellence seeks to build a future where learning is a collective path to progress and global understanding. 


  • Solidarity 
  • We defend the right to life and family 
  • Team Work 
  • Pedagogical and technological innovation 
  • Excellence in project execution